Friday, July 17, 2009

MPRI Lead Organizer Margaret Paynich gets Letter to the Editor in Warwick Beacon

Moderate Party of Rhode Island Lead Organizer and The Moderate contributor Margaret Paynich got a Letter to the Editor published in the Warwick Beacon this past Wednesday:

To the Editor:

Rhode Island cannot succeed while our government continues on its present path of corruption, financial mismanagement and lack of accountability.

Jobs are disappearing while our economy shrinks due to out of control spending and taxation. Our elected officials are not being held accountable for their actions, ethics and voting records. At least 40 percent of the state legislative seats have been uncontested for years and candidates who challenge incumbents often do not have the party structure to support them to win.

The Moderate Party believes our government should focus on four key issues to improve the quality of life in Rhode Island: Economy, Ethics, Education and Environment. We will build a network of candidates who are committed to our four priorities to create the competition and dialogue we need between candidates to elect the right people from all political affiliations.

The Moderate Party needs to collect 23,588 signatures to become an established political party in Rhode Island – and we need your help by signing our petition. We will be at the Warwick Mall all day Saturday, July 25, and Sunday July 26. You may learn more about the Moderate Party at Thank you for your support.

Margaret Paynich

Lead Organizer

Moderate Party of R.I.


Margaret captures in just a few lines the purpose and necessity of a truly new alternative to old Rhode Island politics. If you're ready to reform Rhode Island's political culture, find a Moderate Party petitioner today, and get your name down to start fixing the system.

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  1. haha... thats nothing try Front Page of the Warwick Beacon!! You guys better get a candidate for the local Warwick elections


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