Monday, July 6, 2009

New Bloggers on The Moderate!

Happy Independence Day weekend, everybody!

Well, a day late at least. This was a crazy weekend for the MPRI, canvassing events all over the state, from Bristol to Glocester and everywhere in between! Very exciting stuff, and we look forward to the updated signature total. The Party website status indicator shows 9%, at approximately 3000 collected, but I'm not sure if that's including this weekend or not.

Margaret Paynich would be the one to ask, and the one up all of last night notarizing signature sheets. Margaret's the Lead Organizer of the canvassing operations for the Party, and she's also signed on to contribute to the debate here at The Moderate!

Also, as mentioned in a previous post, Party Chairman Ken Block will also be contributing, alongside Richard Rodi, a very committed Moderate with plans to run for state house district two in 2010, covering a broad swath of downtown and east side Providence. In 2008, Richard ran as a Democrat, challenging a wealthy and powerful incumbent and still taking 42% of the primary vote. With a strong backing, we can definitely put Richard in the General Assembly next year, to get to work reforming the legislature.

Matthew Lenz, a good friend and fellow CCRI political science geek, not to mention a campaign veteran who has worked with both parties in important elections of the past few years, and has found that, like yours truly, he has a home in neither. You'll see Matt and I frequently arguing theory, so check back in for some fun stuff.

Stay tuned!


  1. Mr. Rodi is a pathological liar, so probably no fault of your own that you have misinformation about his 2008 run.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. So what are the facts that he is a liar? and what is the "truth" about his 2008 run? if you gonna talk smack, back it up.

  4. First off, he got nowhere near 42% of the vote. There's plenty to make you wonder about Mr Rodi, but a good starting off point would be to check out that lawsuit that was filed against him by a Fox Point neighborhood group if you want broader evidence of his wacky (and disturbing, and fraudulent) behavior.

  5. I would personally like to see Mr. Anonymous back up his words by providing any proof of myself being a pathological liar, or my fraudulent and whacky behavior. Any fool can file a lawsuit with an ax to grind! I have done nothing more than work hard for the community I live in, period. I have an impeccable track record working in and for my community, unlike Mr. Segal... If Mr. Anonymous would like to actually show us who he or she is... what are they afraid of... a slander and defamation lawsuit? Present your facts or simply go away. It is obvious to me and my steadfast supporters that I am such a threat to the future of David Segals seat, that lies and false attacks are the only defense they have against me... It has been months since the last election and all you can do is try and discredit me, by filing a false lawsuit... remember I have audio tape and documentation to back up my true claims... what do you have? Like I said... Put up or shut up! Oh, and for the record I received 42% of the vote in East Providence... combined with Providence is a total of nearly a third of the vote. Get your facts straight!


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